Letter to a friend I love a lot

Dear friend:

I have always thought little to say thank you, however, I can not find another word that comes close to what I wholeheartedly want to express. That’s why today I say thank you, thank you for your friendship, for your support and understanding. Thank you because I can always count on you, thank you because I know you will be available for what you need. Thank you because I can trust you.

Letter to a friend I love a lot

Forgive me for my past silences, and forgive me also for future silences, but understand that many times it is said more without words that take shape in the distance; Letter to my friend and sister of the Almapuede who sometimes represses everything I want to say for fear that my words will crash with walls of the merciless silence that until that time I have carried
There are many things that we have gone through and many more things will come, some good others not so much, but I know that life would make this friendship that was born of sincerity, tears and laughter shared in the distance.
Letter to a friend I love a lot
But it is precisely in the distance that we have learned that two friends are two souls who together learn what solidarity, joy and sadness are. Let me be your strength when yours fails, let me be joy in your sadness, and let me be a presence in your solitude. Letter to my friend and sister of the AlmaDéjame also be the memory when oblivion invades you, let me have you in my heart, and let me be the prayer that rises to the ends of the heavens for your happiness.
Friend of the soul, sister of my heart, close your eyes and ask in prayer for your yearnings and desires, I will do the same for you, hoping that God responds by enforcing the prayers of this prayer. I love you, you know how much, but if you ever forget … let me tell you one more time: I want you friend of mine, thank you for being my companion in the distance, my good friend.
Letter to a friend I love a lot
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